I just accidentally typed soso instead of 2020 and to be honest it feels pretty accurate. So that's the title sorted. Anyway, it's been awhile since I have sat down and written for the blog. At this stage I wanted the blog to be a collaborative effort, but 2020 is wild. Everyone is just holding... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Story?

How's everyone holding up during these crazy times? I honestly think that my emotionally crazy expat journey prepared me for the isolation and awkwardness. So, I suppose, a silver-lining in an otherwise chaotic start in a new country. Have you mastered anything yet? Baking? Puzzles? Solo chess? Oh, I started an events planning business on... Continue Reading →

You Got A Friend In Me

Earlier today I was thinking about the fear and anxiety people are beginning to have around social distancing and how actually, it isn't too dissimilar to the feelings I had when I became an expat. I felt isolated, alone, unsure... I am not a licensed therapist, counselor, etc. but I can be a friend. A... Continue Reading →

Be The Rose Lady

"That would never happen in the U.S."Me, All the time I have nearly completed three years abroad and I STILL find myself saying it. This really could be a whole blog series. She said when she went to the hospital. She said when she went to the restaurant. She said when she went to the... Continue Reading →

New Year, Same Me

The first week of 2020 is done and personally I am glad things are starting to get back to routine. I love the holidays but when they are over, I usually am ready for them to be. So now, of course, is when we all try to remember how to do our routines. I have... Continue Reading →

Turn Down For What?

I have promised myself to give it a little break, talking about all the challenges I have faced the past couple years in Holland. There have also been many positive things to happen since I made the decision to expatriate that I could talk about. But, I just can't help it. Not this week. Because... Continue Reading →

a bit

My blog is public, which is why in several posts I have explored how vulnerable I should be with my readers. But, basically, I pretty much know all of you that read my ramblings about my challenges as an expat, and how anxious all of theses challenges make me feel. Well, I thought I knew... Continue Reading →

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

"Your joy is your sorrow unmasked" I have just seen another post about not believing what you see on social media. And (in the case of friends and family anyway) I disagree. Disregarding brands and influencers, I believe what you all are showing me. Just because we are only showing the good parts? So? I... Continue Reading →


I was sitting here working on the interviews I did recently and suddenly felt inspired to share with you all the experience I had a couple weeks ago. As you know, this expat journey has been an interesting one for me. I have felt challenged in every single way and have been fairly open about... Continue Reading →

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